About In/Golf

The Golf Influencer Platform

The world’s first digital marketplace where brands and agencies can find and book golf professionals and influencers for events, logo exposure and social media activation.

The Tiger line to book golf influencers

In/Golf is the easiest way to book golf influencers for marketing campaigns. Our tool takes care of requests, notifications, legal handling, and payments so you can focus on creating amazing campaigns and events. 

Hundreds of golf influencers from professional players, caddies, long-drivers, trick-shot artists, instructors to photographers are available to help brands build powerful campaigns that captivate a golf audience. 

And, if you can’t find who you’re looking for, we’ll find them for you. That’s our promise.

Look no further – your Tiger line to book golf influencers is here.

In/Golf was founded for two main reasons.

  • We found it really tricky to navigate hundreds of agents and players to book the right influencers for building marketing campaigns.
  • Most of golf marketing money are targeted towards top-50 players in the world. At In/Golf we believe that golf profiles on all levels have a market value and want to help them capitalize on that.

But most importantly – simplify the booking process and build value for brands, corporates and golf influencers.