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Increase your revenue stream.

We have partnered with golf clubs, brands and corporates who are always on the quest for the right golf influencers for events and marketing campaigns. Registering with In/Golf will make you visible for brands that can send requests your way.

Who is a golf influencer?

We believe that everybody in the world of golf has a market value and we are here to help you monetize that value. You could be a golf professional, an instructor, a caddie, a golf social media profile, a mental coach, a golf physio, long-driver, trick shot artist, photographer or have any other role in golf. 

 Simply register your profile to be visible for brands to collaborate with you. It’s free to join.

Simple and transparent fee structure

In/Golf takes a 10% commission of the campaign value from you as an influencer. No other hidden fees or undefined costs will be added.


In/Golf has no exclusivity of you as a profile and you can contact brands directly if you want to. You only apply to campaigns that fit your profile, budget and schedule.

Legally protected

Accepting our Terms & Conditions you are protected via a standardized contract between yourself and the brand hiring you. This to make sure what is expected from each party and make sure you get paid for you job.

Social media account management

To help you grow your market value we have a team of experts who are ready to help you manage all aspects of your social media account. From defining your brand story, set your content strategy,  content development to help you grow your following crowd and ultimately your market value. Just let us know.