How much does it cost to use In/Golf?
It’s free for brands and agencies to book via In/Golf.co We take a commission from the Influencers for campaigns and collaborations made through the platform. No hidden fees or cost. 

What does In/Golf do?
We help brands and corporates to connect with golf influencers for short or long-term collaborations.  Brands can discover and connect with powerful golf influencers and we give golf profiles an opportunity to capitalize on their market value and collaborate with exciting brands. 

We get you whoever you need, whenever you need it. Our inventory is never out of talent!

How does booking work?

  1. Write a campaign brief, set your budget, select your preferred influencers and send your request.
  2. Influencers apply to the campaign and you select the most favorable ones.
  3. Execute your campaign or event.
  4. When the campaign is finished and goals are completed, In/Golf will send you one invoice.


Do I get a contract?
When you book influencers via In/Golf there is a standardized terms & conditions to keep you legally protected and secure from booking to campaign end.

Why should I display my budget?
The simplest answer is that you often get a better rate if you give your budget. Without a budget, chances are big you will get less replies and Influencers know they will get paid.

Can I book directly via an agent or go straight to the influencer?
In/Golf has a non-exclusive agreement with the influencers so yes, you’re free to do so. But In/Golf is the quickest way to connect with them at no extra cost, so why bother?

I can’t find any suitable influencers
At In/Golf we have a big network of people and profiles in the world of golf. If you can’t find who you’re looking for just contact us and we will help you find whoever you need.

Can you help manage my social media campaigns?
Absolutely. We have a team of experts who are ready to help manage all aspects of social media campaign management. We can help with everything from strategy, execution planning, content creation and post-reporting. Just reach out and we’ll help you!